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Ionic 2 Support Roadmap

Hey everybody! Matt here. The Creator team is super excited to get Ionic 2 support into your hands as fast as possible, and we want to be open about where we're at in this process.

Give the video below a watch to learn a little more about our plan!


Currently working on Phase 1: ZIP Project Export

We are currently working as quickly as we can to release a ZIP Export that outputs Ionic 2 code for your Creator apps.

The entire tool will still look and function exactly how it currently does. The editor, preview mode, and Creator Mobile will all still use Ionic 1, but when you export your project you will get fully functioning Ionic 2 code (Note: The current Ionic 1 ZIP export will remain fully functional, and the Ionic 2 ZIP Export will simply be an additional export option).

In order to release this quickly, certain features will be left out of our initial Ionic 2 ZIP Export. Here's exactly what you can expect from Creator once we push Phase 1 live:

  • Zip Exports in Ionic 2
  • No custom SCSS
  • No custom JavaScript
  • Editor is still Ionic 1
  • Preview is still Ionic 1
  • Ionic View / Creator Mobile is still Ionic 1
  • No Ionic Package support

As we move on to later phases, we will be adding more and more of the features you know and love!

Phase 2: Move Preview & Creator Mobile to Ionic 2
Phase 3: Custom Code & Package Support
Phase 4: Move the Editor to Ionic 2
Phase 5: Custom SCSS Support
Phase 6: Make tons of Ionic 2 + Creator tutorials and add in new Ionic 2 components!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be able to create and edit Ionic 1 based projects?

We will continue to support Ionic 1 in Creator for a long time :) When you create a new project, you'll be able to choose whether you want to use Ionic 1 or Ionic 2.

Will I be able to convert my existing Ionic 1 projects to Ionic 2 projects?

We're not entirely sure to what extent this will be supported, but we will try to keep everyone updated as we go.

When will Phase 1 (and beyond) of Ionic 2 support be released?

There is no specific timeline for when this will be released, but you can rest assured that we are all heads down working on this feature as our top priority.

Ionic 2 Support Roadmap

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